About Teachers’ Conference 2019

The Teachers’ Conference is organised biennially by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for teachers to learn together as a fraternity. The conference was first held in 2001, and this year celebrates our 9th running of the Teachers’ Conference. Teachers’ Conference 2019 (TC2019) offers local educators the opportunity to gain fresh insights into educational practice and research, and to exchange professional perspectives with fellow educators. This professional learning experience will enable them to grow more deeply in the aspirational outcomes identified for the 21st Century Singapore educator in the Teacher Growth Model: the Ethical Educator, the Competent Professional, the Collaborative Learner, the Transformational Leader, and the Community Builder.

TC2019 brings together our educators to learn, to connect and to engage with thought leaders and practitioners. Specifically, the conference will provide the platform to

  • influence teachers’ mindsets and grow their professional expertise,

  • strengthen a collegial culture of continual learning and improvement amongst teachers,

  • build a culture of teachers growing teachers, and

  • reinforce the importance of teacher leadership in our fraternity.

This is the first time that MOE ExCEL Fest and the Conference for the Co-Curriculum (CCC) are merged with TC2019.

Guest-of-honour for Teachers’ Conference 2019

The guest-of-honour for the TC2019 is Minister for Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung.

Focus for Teachers’ Conference 2019

The focus of the Conference ‘Maximising Learning: Engage. Collaborate. Innovate.’ reinforces our fraternity’s emphasis on student-centric education.

Conference Strands

To reflect our holistic educational outcomes, two broad strands for the Conference have been identified. The two strands will allow teachers to have conversations on various aspects of learning, including understanding the profile of the students as learners, the processes involved in learning, and effective pedagogical and assessment approaches.

Strand One: Designing Holistic Education emphasises the intentional development of core values, social-emotional competencies and emerging 21st century competencies.

Strand Two: Enacting Innovative Pedagogies highlights pedagogies that are innovative and effective, given our systemic goal of fostering the joy of learning.

Both strands provide schools with a frame to share their professional journey on either the curricular or co-curricular programmes. They also provide schools the added opportunity to share how they have leveraged the Singapore Teaching Practice to enhance the professional practice of teachers.

Dates of Teachers’ Conference 2019

  • Pre-Conference on 27 May

  • Main Conference on 28 and 29 May

  • ExCEL Fest on 28 and 29 May

Highlights of the Conference

The conference programme includes the following features:

  • Keynote Addresses
    To provide perspectives from our learned speakers on the learning process, on the needs of the learners, as well as on professional learning.

  • Spotlight Sessions
    Spotlight sessions focus on the respective subject areas helmed by Principal Master Teachers, Master Teachers, Lead Specialists and Senior Specialists. They will lead the learning in these Spotlight sessions by inviting distinguished speakers who could enhance the professional expertise of teachers through the disciplinarity of their subject/specialisation.

  • Pre-Conference Workshops
    Pre-Conference workshops provide an opportunity for teachers to deepen their pedagogical content knowledge in their respective subject and student development areas. Facilitated by Principal Master Teachers, Master Teachers, Lead Specialists, Senior Specialists and other experienced practitioners, the workshops will help participants connect with the broad theme of TC2019.

  • Conference Concurrent Sessions
    Concurrent sessions that span across the various subject and student development areas are conducted by selected school teachers through the open invitation to present at the conference. They encourage teacher leadership, and enhance the professional skills and expertise of our teachers.

  • Learning Journeys
    Learning Journeys provide teachers with the broad perspectives and understanding of the organisations’ best practices in innovation and culture-building, as well as with an awareness of the contribution of these organisations to the community and to Singapore. These perspectives and new knowledge will ultimately aid our teachers in making student learning authentic.

  • Innergy and Outstanding Innovator Awards
    Two types of awards will be given out to the winners from schools, MOE HQ and Statutory Boards at the ceremony. The Innergy and Outstanding Innovator Award recognises staff who develop, test and implement innovative ideas that have brought about significant benefits to MOE. The Outstanding Innovator Award recognises passionate individuals who are key influencers of continual improvement and innovation.
  • ExCEL Fest Exhibition
    The exhibition seeks to recognise individual and team efforts in nurturing a culture of learning, innovation and continuous improvement. It also serves as a platform for the diffusion of innovations by allowing both HQ and school staff to learn, to adapt and to share innovations and best practices.

Teachers’ Conference 2019 Logo

  • The hands symbolise our local educators coming forth to learn from one another. Our educators will present insights from research or practices, guided by the aspiration to share their learning with colleagues in the fraternity.

  • The seedling in the hands represents the objective and ‘result’ of collaborative professional learning: the enhancement of the quality of student learning experiences and the achievement of holistic learning outcomes.

  • The conducive environment necessary for both professional and student growth to take place is symbolised by the nutrients and soil in the logo.

  • The human figure embodies the importance of putting people at the heart of all our transformation efforts.

  • The leaping motion signifies activeness, progression and advancement in our pursuit of excellence through innovation.